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The main forms of supply are: 

1) purchases in large quantities (bulk purchases); 

2) periodic purchases in small batches; 

3) various combinations of the listed methods and purchase as required. 

We can consolidate in our warehouses for LCL/FCL shipments

The mode/vsl of transportation, the speed of delivery, the size of supply of the goods, the manner in which they are packed, the methods of transshipment in the case of multimodal transport are taken into account together with the range of transport. 

The understanding of business processes allows us to fulfil successfully.

Successful supply involves the use of extensive information about the markets where they are carried out. Optimization of the chain of the procurement chain affects not only external factors, but also internal priorities related to the difference in understanding the optimality of work and the importance of other links, which initiates the importance of finding economic compromises between different structural units. Efficiency of the process is promoted by observance of ethical norms of partnership. The basis is the optimized relationship between the manufacturer, the lender and the supplier.